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It truly is!!!

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Welcome To Our Remote Learning Virtual School

Here we break the boundaries of traditional In-school learning by allowing students to access learning opportunities from anywhere at anytime.

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My G-Suite Workspace

Teachers and Students: To go directly to your G-Suite Workplace Dashboard click on the link above.

Please note that only your waterloosecondary.edu.tt credentials will be accepted.

From the Dashboard you can access your Classroom and other Google Dashboard tools. However your teacher may request you to access some of these other apps.

Scholarship News

Over the years we have had several students winning National Scholarships with as many as five (5) scholarships in one year.

Our Notice Board

As this new term is here we have made several changes in the way we deliver quality education.

Online Learning Platforms

All classes are presently delivered online via the G Suite platform. This includes Google Classroom and Google Meet. We also utilize other supporting platforms such as Edmodo, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Whatsapp.

Admission Now

Admission is presently limited to students who are currently enrolled in our in-school programs.
Each student is provided with a G Suite account to allow them access to our courses.

Our Departments

Business / Technology Education

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Languages and Comm. Studies

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Mathematics and
Information Technology

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Visual Arts
and Music

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Social Sciences

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