Subjects offered:

  • Visual Arts
  • Art and Design
  • Music


  • Carlene Smith – Head of Department / Visual Arts / Art and Design
  • Patty-Sue Franklyn – Visual Arts
  • Melanie Kim – Visual Arts
  • Sherry-Ann Asson-Wilson – Music
  • Ancil John – Music


The Visual and Performing Arts Department at Waterloo Secondary School offers to our students the opportunity to develop their musical and creative abilities. In a world that is far becoming insular and lacking true compassion, The Arts affords each student a means by which they can tap into the affective aspects of education.

The VAPA Department has continued to contribute positively to the well – being of the students of Waterloo Secondary School, not only providing students with meaningful ways of self expression but also challenges them in considering different points of view. The various forms of expression in the Arts serve as motivators that inspire our students to consider the human condition and express empathy, develop greater social tolerance and to realise not just the value of their own contribution, but the value of the collective contributions we all supply to the human experience.

In the process of inspiring our students to be innovators and leaders the VAPA Department of the Waterloo Secondary School has seen our students successful in national art competitions such as Unit Trust Divali Art Competition and Powergen Art Competition.

The Waterloo Pan Ensemble under the tutelage of dedicated Music teachers help students to develop their musical skills. The school’s participation in Music Festival and School’s Panorama Competition, continue to contribute to the success stories of Waterloo Secondary School.

Leonardo da Vinci said , “Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art”. So as we consider the time ahead, the time that sometimes seems so uncertain, we seek to inspire our students at Waterloo Secondary School to continue to develop in the Arts, so that they can make sound, meaningful contributions to the human experience.