Success in Languages for Life competition.

“Hard work pays off, when you focus, set a goal and strive towards it, you shall reap the rewards.”

In February 2020, Ashley Jagmohan of form 6 participated in the Languages for Life competition and placed 2nd in the essay category. This required an essay stating how having another language benefits an individual in the business world.
“In process in which I wrote the essay was very exaggerating and a bit overwhelming as I had to rewrite the essay 5 times within 3 days and submit it before the deadline.” says Ashley. “I was reluctant in participating in the competition, however with the support of my Spanish teacher, Miss Hema Singh, she helped me ensure that my essay was written to perfection. I am very grateful and appreciate all the efforts she made to help me through the competition. Without her I would not have won this achievement. Thank you so much miss for believing me and for your support.”
Ashley also extends thanks to her peers who helped her with ideas as well.
“This competition has not only rewarded me with a cash prize but also the value of teamwork as well as hard work is rewarded.”

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