WSS tops UWI MATH fair – model house category

Congratulations to the Maths Department and all the students and teachers who participated in the UWI Maths Fair!! 👏👏👏

The team captured

3 first places;

2 second places; and

2 third places!!!


UWI Math Fair 2023

This annual event was hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. This year’s theme was “Unleashing the Mathlete in YOU,” and our students certainly let loose. We entered and obtained prizes in the following categories.


Math Modelling Contest

Students were challenged to build their dream house using geometric shapes – and they had a blast!

1st Place: Modelling (Senior)

 1st Place: Modelling (Senior)
Figure 1 Natasha Dori, Dareus Joseph, Tacianna Rennie, Teneille Francis and Kelvin Privatt



Math Creativity Contest

Students were challenged to get creative with an Art Piece, Spoken Word/Oral/Musical Piece or Meme.

Art Piece

1st Place Senior Jael Blackman

Oral Piece

1st Place (teacher): Robindra Nandlal & Joanna Sooknanan

Art Piece

3rd Place (teacher)” Jermeille Cuffy


3rd Place (Junior) Danya Gonzalez

2nd Place (Junior) Calliste Raphael

2nd Place (Teacher) Vishala Sookram

Maths Club Members
Maths Club Members
Figure 5 Jael's winning piece
Figure 5 Jael’s winning piece

Special Mention to Azriel Mitchell, Hamraj Manoo, Hassan Mohammed, Priscilla Moonsammy, Jayden Phillip