Subjects offered:

  • Integrated Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Agricultural Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Human and Social Biology


  • S. Shah-Dookran – Head of Department/ Physics/ Chemistry/Integrated Science
  • N. Foster – Dean of Discipline / Biology/ Chemistry/ Integrated Science
  • I. Sampath – Biology/ Human and Social Biology/ Integrated Science
  • J. Ramdahin – Physics/ Chemistry/ Integrated Science
  • S. Ghany – Biology/ Human and Social Biology/ Integrated Science
  • M. Khan – Environmental Science/ Integrated Science
  • K. Giffard – Chemistry/ Integrated Science
  • S. Ramlogan – Integrated Science/ Agricultural Science
  • S. Kumar-Ramesar – Integrated Science/ Agricultural Science/ (Technology Education – Cross Department)
  • J. James-Leacock – Integrated Science/ Agricultural Science/ (Technology Education – Cross Department)

“The whole of Science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking “

By Albert Einstein.

The Science Department at Waterloo Secondary School aims to open the curiosity of students’ minds about everything that surrounds them in their everyday lives. Doing Science at Waterloo Secondary will help students understand things around them, solve problems and train their minds to think logically and methodically.

All teachers of the Science Department are trained graduates and are well qualified and skilled in their areas of study.

In the Science Department there are three main clubs: the Science club, the Astronomy club and the Environment Club. These clubs were introduced to actively engage students in the learning process through field trips, debates, games and much more. The Chemistry club has been recently introduced (in September 2019).It is a subset of the Science club. Students from the Chemistry club entered the Chemistry Olympiad Competition of Trinidad and Tobago and were very successful in the first round of the competition.

In previous years students have placed among the top students in the Caribbean at the CSEC level in Agricultural Science and at the CAPE level in Environmental Science. Waterloo Secondary has also won multiple Science Scholarships (including TWO OPEN SCHOLARSHIPS). These achievements have placed the school on the map and have enticed students from different schools to transfer to Waterloo Secondary School.

Generally the CSEC and CAPE results of the Science Department at Waterloo Secondary School are always exceptional.

We look forward and welcome our prospective students to Waterloo Secondary School, where parents can rest assured that their child’s education will be in good hands.


Chemistry Olympiad team

The very first Chemistry Olympiad Team of Waterloo Secondary School.

Congratulations on a job well done last academic year 2019 – 2020

Front row from left to right:

S. Shah-Dookran (Teacher), Anjana Jaggan , Chelsea Laloo , Sunushta Ramsaroop, Kedafah Showers .

Back row : Jordan Robertson ,Aaron Antoine ,Thyler Brathwaite, John- Isaac Leid and Huanya Huang.


Waterloo Secondary School Astronomy Club

Waterloo Secondary School Astronomy Club was founded in September 2005. Dr. Bruno Mitchell of Port of Spain donated our first telescope, a 10 inch reflector telescope. This club has grown leaps and bound bringing awareness of astronomy from a practical approach. In 2010, our club won a National Astronomy competition at UWI.; but our main focus is bringing this field ‘ASTRONOMY ‘ to the students ,families and communities around our school and beyond.

Although our club is run by the school’s Form 6 students its open to all. Our current Club President is Nadine Ballack and teachers in charged of Club are Mr. Jerome Ramdahin and Mr. Denzil Noel. Night’s viewing are done at least once per term. Please feel free to check out our facebook page [Waterloo Secondary School Astronomy Club]

Astronomy club viewing April 22nd 2016

May 9th 2016 Mercury transit across sun. Students Aaron Mohammed and Sameer mohammed and Mr Ramdahin.

Some Members of our club.

Picture of moon taken by Vishnu Datta Pogula using a Samsung Galaxy S3 and our 10 inch reflector telescope