The Waterloo Secondary School lies in the heart of the now defunct sugar cane belt in central Trinidad. It was officially inaugurated on the 3rd October 2000 with an official enrolment of five hundred and twenty-five students and six members of the teaching staff.

Today the school population stands at eight hundred and forty-six students with a teaching staff of fifty-three members.

Students can select from a wide range of subjects both at the Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Levels. There are twenty-three (23) subjects offered at the CSEC level and eleven (11) subjects at the CAPE level. Our CXC results continue to be encouraging and have been progressively improving over the years.Over the last twenty years the school has entered and won various competitions ranging from RBTT Young Leaders, Secondary Schools’ Sanskrit Sangam, WASA Poster Competitions, Schools’ Debate and Essay Writing Competitions, Cricket and Football Competitions, CSME Quizzes, JCEP Business Competitions and many more.

Additionally, our CAPE Program, from which the first cohort of candidates graduated in 2007, has realized fourteen scholarships to date. This has been a source of extreme pride as it represents the quality of teaching and learning available at our school.

Conversely, the school has been catapulted into a position of public scepticism due to the tragic deaths of two of our students, the first in May 2013 and the second in April 2017. The impact that these events have had on both staff and students cannot be underestimated and is the source of continual emotional challenges. However we meet all challenges as a family, growing together and supporting each other.